Service updates

The end of July and the month of August were going to have some service updates we want you to be aware of. First Sunday July 25th will be online ONLY, the only in-person service taking place that week will be Thursday July 22nd at 7pm. So if you want to attend an in-person, live service that weekend make sure you are at church Thursday, July 22nd at 7pm. Then Sunday the 25th we will gather online.

Starting Sunday, August 8th we are starting our "At the Movies series" so starting July 29th through august we will not have a Thursday night service. "At the Movies" will happen only on Sunday morning August 8th - 29th.

Heres a quick run-down

  • Thursday July 22nd 7 p.m. In-person, live service

  • Sunday July 25th Church online ONLY 9:30 a.m. (on-demand after)

  • No Thursday night church July 29th through August.

  • At the Movies on Sunday only August 8th - 29th

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